About Designer

The idea of a fashion house manifested in Parul Shekhawat’s mind from an early age. Having seen the rich heritage of traditional heirlooms while growing up, the culture of Rajasthan keeps her driven even today. Parul Shekhawat’s designs have an affinity for indigenous traditional crafts combined with a modern aesthetic.

The designs have a strong sense of revival of local crafts in support with sustainable and environment friendly techniques.

She envisions each piece as an heirloom to be placed in each family with utmost care and emotional value. Through Ruar she hopes to keep each client’s faith firm in bespoke traditional heritage of India.


About Us

The label ‘Ruar India‘ is a conscious label based out of Jaipur. A strong design philosophy and innate sense of comfort described as intricate, the aesthetic is inspired by the designers interest in art, architecture, culture, craftsmanship, landscapes, vintage art and travels.

The label is all about revival of Indian craftsmanship which incorporates traditions and values however it has a modernist approach to the old age embroideries.

All the products such as sarees, suits, shawls, jackets, coordinate sets and more are intricately designed based on the revival of vintage and traditional embroideries and art. The designers expertise lies in making capsule collection which are all organic and handmade, the collections are theme based and have beautiful stories to tell.